2009 Manawatu Hospitality Award Results

Toops Restaurant of the Year:

The establishment offers a fine menu, service and welcoming ambience.  It has ease of access and professional, well-tuned waiting staff.

  • Winner  Nero Cafe & Bar 
  • 1st Runner up    Bella's Cafe
  • 2nd Runner up   Lone Star Cafe and Bar

Toops Ethnic Restaurant of the Year:

The establishment offers a fine menu, service and welcoming ambience  and reflects authentic national cuisine.  It has ease of access and professional, well-tuned waiting staff.

  • Winner    Yatai Japanese Isakaya Restaurant
  • 1st Runner up    Monsoon Asisa
  • 2nd Runner up    Hana Mizu Ki Japanese Restaurant

Davis Trading Café of the Year:

The café offers vibrancy, with personable staff.  It’s in tune with current café trends and expectations.  The coffee is superb with great food and slick service.

  • Winner    The Elm Cafe
  • 1st Runner up    Moxies Cafe
  • 2nd Runner up    Cafe Cuba

M &P Young Caterer of the Year:

An individual or company which provides quality food and beverage menus served by professional staff with consummate decorum.  They heed all requirements of the event and anticipate every contingency.

  • Winner    Hester Guy Catering
  • 1st Runner up    Café Express
  • 2nd Runner up    Not Now James

Davis Trading Takeaway of the Year:

The takeaway provides quality fast food along with exceptional customer service.  Offers value and variety.

  • Winner    Fishtown Takeaways
  • 1st Runner up    Burger Fuel
  • 2nd Runner up    Pompeii Pizza

The Breweries Pub/Tavern of the Year:

Friendly, comfortable surrounds.  Good food and beverage and service with a smile.

  • Winner    The Celtic Inn
  • 1st Runner up    The Brewer’s Apprentice
  • 2nd Runner up    The Grand Beer Café

Pernod Ricard Bar/nightclub of the Year:

Great atmosphere and music with a broad selection of drinks.  Trendy, fashionable night spot. The place to be seen.

  • Winner    The Fish Cocktail & Wine Bar
  • 1st Runner up    The Brewer’s Apprentice
  • 2nd Runner up    Mao Bar

Manawatu Standard Supplier of the Year:

Consistent and prompt product delivery.  Committed to top quality and innovative products.  Demonstrates customer loyalty.

  • Winner    Davis Trading
  • 1st Runner up    M&P Young
  • 2nd Runner up    Toops

Tootill Electrical Accommodation Provider of the Year:

This establishment offers the full package.  The place you would recommend to visitors to stay in the Manawatu.

  • Winner     Hotel Coachman
  • 1st Runner up   Kingsgate Hotel
  • 1st Runner up    Arena Lodge

NZ Restaurant Association Hospitality Personality of the Year:

An award for an individual, who over an extended period of time, has shown outstanding commitment to the betterment of Manawatu’s hospitality industry.  The winner will be a well known personality through their continued involvement in the marketplace and will be respected industry-wide for business achievements.

  • Winner    Faye McSweeney (Davis Trading)

Bidvest Chef of the Year:

An inspiration in all aspects of cooking.  Creates great food and runs a superb, consistent kitchen.

  • Winner   Rueben Leung Wai (Bethany's & Rendezvous)
  • 1st Runner up    Mark Harman (La patio)
  • 2nd Runner up     Chetan Pangam (Kingsgate)

Kingsgate Barista of the Year:

Professional and passionate about coffee making.  Evaluates coffee making to a true art form.

  • Winner    Andrew Feldon (Streetwise Coffee)
  • 1st Runner up    Eamon Gilbert (The Stage Door Cafe)
  • 2nd Runner up   Juanita Trow (Cafe Soskeys)

Bidvest Ethnic Chef of the Year:

A quality culinary ambassador for their national cuisine.

  • Winner    Atsushi Taniyama (Yatai)
  • 1st Runner up    Amit Kumar (Spice Kitchen)
  • 2nd Runner up    Yashwant Sing (Mirrch Masala)

UCOL Commis Chef of the Year:

A person showing the potential to become an outstanding chef.  Shows great work ethic, attitude and is passionate about cooking.

  • Winner    Michael Brill (Rendezvous Restaurant & Bar)
  • 1st Runner up    Jelena Mills (Nero Café and Bar)
  • 2nd Runner up    Maria Calderon (Kingsgate Hotel)

Crombie Lockwood Maitre d’ of the Year:

Demonstrates pace with grace and a totally unflappable nature.  This genuine ‘personality’ simply and consistently delivers the very best.

  • Winner    Yvette Kennedy (Neros)
  • 1st Runner up    Alastair Pearson (Bellas)
  • 2nd Runner up   Barbara Taniyama (Yatai)

HSI Food Service Person of the Year:

Has full knowledge of food and beverage products.  Uses initiative, is perceptive, tactful and has a great personality.  Good sales ability and sound skills.  Always well groomed and a team player.

  • Winner    Regan Steer (Mao Bar)
  • 1st Runner up    Kate Mandry-Gulliford (Aberdeen)
  • 2nd Runner up   Hayden Temperley (Bella’s Café) 

The Breweries Bartender of the Year:

Superb product knowledge, amiable and discrete, with a unique personal style.  Must possess excellent memory skills and sense of humour.

  • Winner    Jacqui Haitana (The Celtic Inn)
  • 1st Runner up    Richie Higham (The Fish Cocktail Bar)
  • 2nd Runner up    Joe Seah (Mao Bar)